Eagle Globe Anchor Tattoos: Symbolism of Patriotic

As far as choosing a tattoo design goes for the average patriotic American, the eagle globe anchor tattoo is a favourite amongst the patriotic, young and old alike, especially the Marines or ex-Marines who love to sport this emblem of patriotism. It is popularly referred to as the Marine Corps emblem and also the “EGA” which is the abbreviated version of eagle anchor globe emblem or tattoo design.

Why is the eagle, globe and anchor tattoo so popular and what is its meaning and significance to the people who choose to ink this emblem permanently on their bodies. For an explanation, we need to look into the origins of where this emblem came from. This emblem dates back to 1868 and was a contribution of Brigadier General Jacob Zeilin, of the 7th Commandant. Prior to this date, the Marine Corps had an emblem which was based on the spread eagle or fouled anchor. The General found the old emblem dissatisfactory and felt that a more distinctive sign was needed to represent the true spirit of the brave Marines. His final idea was a part of borrowed history from the British, i.e. the globe which is the emblem of the British Marines. This emblem had been conferred by King George IV on the Royal Marines (British) in 1827 as symbol of the all encompassing nature of the achievements of the British Marines, which was as “great as the globe itself,” since the Marines had won name, fame and honor all over the Globe.

When America was choosing a new emblem for the US Marines via Brigadier General Zeillin’s choice, the globe displayed the Western Hemisphere, whereas the Royal Marines (British) emblem displays the Eastern Hemisphere.

The other symbols on the eagle, globe and anchor tattoo, carry their own rich symbolism like that of the globe. The eagle stands for the golden eagle and the anchor (fouled) which has a cable attached, represents the Nation itself and its connection to the Maritime Services.

Hence, as one can see from the aforementioned tattoo, the eagle, globe and anchor tattoo is a very patriotic symbol, and should be chosen only after great thought; since it stands for certain high values and its rich symbolism and color carry deep meaning for the bearer of this tattoo. It is a patriotic symbol which communicates the powerful message of “death before dishonor”and therefore, should be well thought out, before one chooses to go out and get the eagle globe and anchor tattoo permanently inked on one’s body.

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