Eagle Tattoo Designs – A Symbol of Power and Liberty

Eagle tattoo designs represent masculinity and liberty. The eagle is an ancient symbol of Sun. The Persians and Greeks gave Eagle paramount importance. Egyptians, Horus, and the Kopts worshipped the eagle.

Eagle tattoos reflect power, strength, prosperity, success and wealth. Many army men and people with a feeling of patriotism prefer to wear eagle design tattoos. Eagles represent freedom and liberty. They are blended with flags, banners, emblems as a tribute to the nation.

Americans adapted eagle as a symbol of the nation after George Washington first became the President of the United States. Bald eagles represent power and hence, they can be found in North America. As a symbol of the US, the eagle design tattoos have become very popular. People wear this tattoo as a mark of respect to the nation.

Many cultures consider eagle as a messenger of God. Native Americans think that the eagle portrays bravery with magical powers. Eagles are said to be the head of all birds and is considered as the king. So, eagle design tattoos are popular for its divinity, power and soaring spirit.

Eagles soar high in the sky and possess keen sight. The eagle tattoo designs are worn to make a distinctive mark and to achieve higher goals of life. Eagle tattoo designs are unique and can be made in many ways to get it inked on body parts. The common places are shoulders, upper arm and the upper and lower back.

Eagle tattoos are popular for its feathers. People prefer to make a big tattoo with large feathers spread across. They wear eagle tattoos on their backs for it visibility. The swooping poses of an eagle aiming at its prey with its sharp beak is also very popular.

Eagle design tattoos are known to reflect the macho swagger. Men prefer to wear eagle design tattoos to show their inherent qualities, behavior and strengths. Celtic and dragon are the additional designs that can provoke the symbols of macho swagger too. As an eagle is a bird that flies alone soaring above the sky, men also show their independence and leadership through the eagle design tattoos.

You have to be very careful and intelligent enough to find a perfect eagle tattoo design. You simply can’t jump over any decent design. You have to be diligent and rational before taking any decision. Picking one particular eagle tattoo design from many is very crucial and has to be considered with utmost importance. You should approach in a cool headed manner and should not settle over anything that comes on your way.

We can find many tattoo galleries and websites that provide with different types of eagle tattoo designs. Being a member of such online gallery, you can access thousands of tattoo designs with different shapes, sizes and colors. Before picking the right design for you, it is important to know what the tattoo design represents. After all, you want to make a statement with your eagle tattoo design.

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