Fairy Tattoos

Far more than just the subject of a children’s movie series, fairies are something of myth and legend.

That is why it should be no surprise that these are one of the most popular options among tattoos for girls, but would you be surprised to know that there are also many men who get a fairy tattooed on themselves as well?

This is because fairies can stand for so many things, and if you get the right fairy tattoo, you will be able to express yourself better than any words likely could.

What is it about fairies that is so appealing?

One thing that makes them appeal to people across different cultures is that they can mean so many different things. There are, of course, fairies that represent fantasy, and of course fairies that represent childhood. But there are also “goth” fairies, or darker fairies, as well, which is why you need to think clearly about what you want before you head to your tattoo parlor for your fairy tattoo.

Do you want a playful fairy, one that reminds you of childhood?

These types of fairies are usually drawn and tattooed in more of a cartoon-like manner. They tend to have pointy ears and are cute to look at. Or, if that doesn’t suit you, you can go for a fantasy art fairy. These fairies have no limitations on them. You will find some tattoo artists who draw them with a more gothic feel, and those who draw their fairies with a more sexual feel to them.

Most fantasy art fairies are larger than the cartoon fairies, which is something you should be prepared for when you head to your tattoo shop.

This is because there is usually much more detail in a fantasy art fairy than in a cartoon fairy.

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