Feminine Tattoos

Here are secrets that most people don’t know about femininity and tattoos.

Curve of the lower back

Lower Back Tattoo can be Extremely Sensual and Feminine. The curve of the lower back is one of the most feminine parts of the woman body. That curve is naturally erotic and very symbolic.

Lower back curve is a true symbol of life, giving life, womenhood and sexuality. The most feminine clothes take advantage of the sexuality of that curve, and so should your tattoo. Before you get a permanent tattoo, find a out:

Tattoo shape that expresses your personality and individuality shape that has a meaning (and find out it’s true meaning) fits your personal sexuality. You know you found the right one if you can imagine it being an afrodiziac. Close your eyes an imagine it. It’s very rewarding if it fits you very well, because it will help men understand your personality and sexuality. You don’t even have to share it everybody if you don’t want to, it’s not hard to hide it. Even your familly doesn’t have to know. They are easily concealed for professionalism in the workplace, but can play the part of an erotic tease or sensationalism when you go out.

The most important question you should ask yourself is: what do you want your tattoo to do? It is often, at least partly, rebellion. Having marks on your body that you put there on purpose shows the world your unconventional nature

Practical, you an easily hide it if it doesn’t fit your professional image at workplace and at the same time this makes it your secret seducing and erotic tease weapon elsewhere.

Be more attractive to men: it can do wonders to men’s mind. A man notices your little thing on the lower back, it shows him your attitude and style. He starts questioning what does it mean. At the same time, he thinks has he seen the whole tattoo or if there’s something under the clothes.


While other express themselves with earings, you can have an unonventional tattoo detail on your neck. If you get a detail on side side of neck, the assymetry is going to make it stand out more. To get much more food for thought about neck tattoos click here.

Ankle Tattoo

Many women start with an ankle tattoo. It’s easy to get an inspiration for an ankle tattoo, especially tribal, and it’s socialy very safe. People wouldn’t associate you with any scum just because you have an ankle tattoo. It’s such a small change on your body, but can give you the benefits and passion. Surprise your loved one with a true expression of yourself.

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