Feminine Tribal Tattoos

Tribal designs are often used in tattoos, for a reason. They look very good on a tattoo, and are very versatile. You can look at them as basic elements; you can form anything you want with tribal elements.

Classic tribal designs most often don’t look feminine because of the steep curves of the tribal elements. Their name and style actually comes from the designs used in tribal rituals of native tribes. For them, the aesthetic point was much more about looking dangerous with those aggressive dark lines, or even imitating dangerous wild animals such as tigers. American Indians used body art to protect them while in battle. It was definitely not about being feminine.

So, how do you get feminine tribal designs? Besides choosing the shapes that suggest femininity, or women sexuality such as flowers, dolphins, butterflies, you can choose a part of the body such as lower back (very feminine part), your neck or legs. Next, let the colors talk. Now days, you have a bigger choice of colors for a tattoo, it doesn’t have to be dark blue or black to make it look more aggressive than you want to.

And, the most difficult part saved as a last tip: find a tattoo artist that understands what you mean when you say you don’t want the curves to be too steep. It’s all about not getting too much sharp angles in the design, and making the tribal tattoo even more feminine by making it curvier. Curves are very feminine in general. You can’t go wrong with curves. A tattoo artist can also add more «snaily: endings instead of the sharp and think endings of the original design. Elliptic and circular curves are quite feminine, and look great. Celtic tattoos are more like that by default. They also have more symmetry which is also feminine. They often look closer to a necklace or earrings than to a dramatically aggressive tattoo.

Tattoo artists will draw the designs on paper for you, befor they ink you and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for modifications based on what you read in this article. It’s a permanent tattoo after all, now is your time to make it something you’ll love forever. So, good luck, and think before you ink.

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