Finding Tribal Full Sleeve Tattoos

For some who like the idea of having a tribal design as a tattoo, a tribal full sleeve tattoo might also be worth considering. Not only are single tattoos gaining in popularity, the tattoo sleeve is also gaining in popularity as well. The tribal full sleeve tattoo is like any other sleeve tattoo in that it covers the entire arm. The sleeve tattoo gets its name because the tattoo resembles a long sleeved shirt when it’s completed. Keep in mind that if you choose to get a tribal full sleeved tattoo or a sleeve tattoo by another name, it can be worn on the arm or the leg.

Popular Designs and Ideas

Here are some things to consider when looking into getting your tribal full sleeve tattoo:

The Tribal Design – Tribal designs are very popular and regarded as cool by many guys. If you just want a tribal tattoo or a full tribal sleeve tattoo, you should pay close attention to what specific design you want to wear. There are native cultures that have certain symbolism related to their groups. As you do the research of which tribal full sleeve tattoo to select, be sure to search through many designs. One example of a native culture tribal tattoo would be a Morai or Hawaiian tattoo.

Time, Cost and Commitment

Because any sleeve tattoo takes a significant amount of time, including the tribal full sleeve tattoo, be prepared for the added cost that goes along with this choice. I bet now you’re wondering ‘how much does the tribal full sleeve tattoo cost’, well let me warn you, it isn’t cheap. The cost of a tribal full sleeve tattoo will vary based on different factors (one being the popularity of the tattoo artist you choose). Should you decide on a tribal full sleeve tattoo you will first have to decide on a custom or standard flash design. When it comes to specifics on price, your tribal full sleeve tattoo should run anywhere between $500 and $2000.

Your sleeve tattoo will most likely be done over multiple sessions. Usually each session will last for approximately one hour. A sleeve design has been known to last for up 20 sessions before it is fully completed. Keep in mind that if your sleeve tattoo is being done by a popular tattoo artist, he or she may only be able fit you in once per week; this means that a sleeve tattoo could potentially take up to 5 months to complete.

So if you are thinking about getting a full sleeve tattoo, take the time to consider the design but also the commitment it will require in time. Take time to consider the things we’ve discussed in this article, and you’ll end up enjoying the process as well as the tattoo.

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