Flower Tattoos

When you think about types of traditional tattoos for girls, one thing that you may think about is a flower tattoo.

Flower tattoos are traditionally found on women because they’re a very feminine thing. Beautiful to look at and wonderful to smell, flowers are something that women tend to enjoy a bit more than most men.

That may be why so many women love to get a flower tattoo. If you’re contemplating what type of flower tattoos for girls you should get, here are a few tips.

Do you have a flower that means something important to you? Some people remember their grandmother loving a specific flower, or a flower that grew in their yard every spring.

If you have a specific flower that means a lot to you, contact your tattoo artist and ask if they can transform that into a beautiful flower tattoo. If you can’t think of any flowers that you feel strongly about, it’s time to take a look at other flower tattoos.

Right now the most popular type of flower tattoos are Hawaiian flower tattoos, for a number of reasons.

To start with, they’re very colorful and simply beautiful. And when you have a Hawaiian flower tattooed on your leg or your back you’re instantly going to think about warm beaches and beautiful vistas.

If you opt to go with a Hawaiian flower for your flower tattoo, try to do something to make it unique to you.

Add something that you enjoy, such as a dolphin or a bird or butterfly that would hover around that specific type of flower, and you’ll truly transform what could be a generic type of tattoo into something that is definitely your own.

Flower tattoos are also the perfect way to finish off any tattoo sleeve or large piece as well.

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