Flying Superman Is Out to Let Your Tattoo Soar

Are you wishing for that big “S” Superman logo or hope to be the real Flying Superman, but you simply can’t? Why don’t you use them as tattoos instead. Indeed, you can be whoever you want to be, even the man of steel, with few strokes from your favorite tattoo artist.

However, you have to keep in mind that adding a big “S” Superman logo is not that simple as it seems. There are a number of things that you need to consider. So before you prepare yourself to be your own Flying Superman, take note of these following suggestions:

1. Think of where you’re going to place them

Are you thinking of placing that tattoo at your back, your arms, or your chest? Where you place your big “S” Superman logo does matter. Of course, you want to wear it proud. Thus, avoid asking the artist to place them in your ankles, because nobody would ever dare look down at your feet. Second, ankles don’t give you the freedom to make use of huge Flying Superman pictures. You can also refer to the clothes that you constantly wear in determining where you’re going to place your tattoo. For example, if you love wearing sleeveless shirts or spaghetti straps, it would be nice to place your tattoos in your arms. Remember, tattoos are meant to be appreciated, so flaunt it.

2. Take note of the size

If you want to really emphasize that you can be the next Flying Superman with your tattoo, then ensure that your picture is big enough for people to see them. Otherwise, your image is totally useless. Don’t forget to discuss this matter with your artist too. Once he completes the outline of your big “S” Superman logo, there’s no turning back. It’s also ideal if you can scan through the different Superman designs that your tattoo artist may have. Better yet, look for someone who has already done Superman tattoos. He very well know what he’s doing.

3. Make sure your colors stand out

What makes the Flying Superman tattoo tick? It’s because of the vibrant hues of red and blue—the trademarks of the strong man from Krypton. It will be convenient for you and even for your artist if you can bring a clear colored picture of your ideal Superman. At least both of you have something to refer to while the latter is in the process of adding the big “S” Superman logo. If you are also artistic, you can veer away from the classic colors associated with the flying hero, and instead, settle for your own colored combination. After all, imagination is the only limit that you can have when it comes to your Superman tattoo.

4. Allow your tattoo to speak about you

Do you think that the big “S” Superman logo will speak so much about you? Do you think you possess the attitude of a real superhero? If not, then you may consider another kind of tattoo. A tattoo is actually an expression of yourself, most especially your character.

Be the Flying Superman that you want to be by wearing proudly the big “S” Superman logo

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