Front and Back Tribal Tattoos — Why they Wore

Front and back tribal tattoos are the fashion art statement on skin these days with people gorging over tattoos as the latest fashion trend.

Tattoos, however, have been seen across the world history and severed the true religious and traditional purposes for a huge cross section of the society, the tribes of whom were definitely a major chunk.

There are more that just a few tribal tattoo designs and that is perhaps why they are so famous. The first tribal tattoo perhaps discovered when around a fire dance they burnt themselves with a charred stick and thus they got to believe that the tattoo was acquired from the sun god.

The tattoos with the tribal clans were used for specific purposes. They were many a time when tribal tattoos were used to identify specific clans and families especially women. They not only helped them identify their relatives and own clans but helped them to identify the clan even after death, afterlife. They were also used during marriage rituals as a sign of commitment and love for each other. Besides, it again helped them identify themselves after death and could be counted as a sign of love or fidelity. Often they were used as signs of entering adulthood. Girls who could not bear the pain of being tattooed were not fit for marriage and could not bear the pain of childbirth. The boys were not able huntsmen. Animal tattoos on the shoulders, back and front were famous for protecting animals.

So get the front and back tribal tattoo and enjoy being different!

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