Gargoyle Tattoos: How An Ancient Art Form Converted To A Modern Craze?

When talk about gargoyle tattoos, you must have seen the water spouts with faces decorating some of the architectural buildings. These are nothing but the ancient grotesque designs created by certain sculptors. These are also known as gargoyle sculptures. You can never say what can become a fashion statement in this world! These ancient monumental characters are now turned into gargoyle tattoos that are huge hits among the youths.

There is another reason why the young artists are turning to these ancient creatures. The gargoyles are said to outcast the evil spells on one’s life and bring good omen. The elaborate grotesque characters used to keep evil at bay and protect the occupants of the particular building. This belief has further made gargolye tattoo a favorite among people. The gargoyle tattoos are inked into the body many times as talismans to protect oneself from harm.

In ancient Egypt, it was believed that the rainwater gushing out through the mouths of these creatures made it holy and was utilized for pious ceremonials. The medieval cathedrals of Europe adorn these gargoyles. As there are no records available of the exact meaning of these monumental structures, it was postulated that they might be depicting the story telling ideas of pre-literate era. This whole story leads to today’s famous gargoyle tattoos that adorn the armbands and backs of youths.

Sometimes, these gargoyle tattoos combine two or more animals. In Mythology, they are called “chimera”. The most famous tattoo in this genre is of griffin or griffon as it is called. It combines the features of a lion and an eagle. This tattoo depicts the nobility on part of the beholder. Also, a human skull is sometimes one of the gargoyle tattoos. It also is said to protect oneself from premature death. These descriptions show us that the youths are increasingly wearing tattoo marks not just for a fashion statement. They also believe in their traditional values. Thus the age old creatures still continue to amuse us even in 21st century through gargoyle tattoos.

To ink a gargoyle tattoo is really a task for an artist. He has to boost his imagination to create a unique picture that may combine two or more symbols. Definitely one can get enormous examples of good gargoyle tattoos from different websites. After selecting one, it is always better to understand the historical background of the gargoyle you have selected. This prevents you from using a picture that does not suit your style or culture.


As there are numerous possibilities with the stone carving, the tattoo marks are not far behind. Get on with the ancient tradition through carefully selected gargoyle tattoos!

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