Get Cool with Wrist Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

Sanskrit tattoo designs have been catching the attention of people across the globe. They are also called wrist tattoos as many people prefer to wear these tattoos on their wrists. These tattoos depict Hindu symbols relating to its ancient scriptures and epics.

Sanskrit is known as the classical language of India. It is also a liturgical language of Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains. Sanskrit is one of the 22 official languages of India. The word Sanskrit means “refined”, and “sanctified”. It is regarded a language of high value and used for religious discourses.

Sanskrit design tattoos are very appealing because some religious meanings are associated with them.
Sanskrit tattoos are the result from the ancient symbols and images related with Hindu mythology. Usually Sanskrit tattoo designs are small pictures of flowers, some religious images or scripts, depicting some meaning. These tattoos are worn on wrists normally and hence also called as wrist tattoos. Wrist tattoos are very popular because of its visibility on the wrist. Excepting face, wrist is the most visible part of the body. A Sanskrit tattoo best fits on a wrist.

Areas of wrist tattoos

There are three areas on the wrist, where tattoos can be inked. These are like the whole circumference, top area of the wrist and inner wrist.

1. The whole circumference

If you want to make a Sanskrit design tattoo on your whole wrist, go for a wrist-band tattoo or a bracelet design where Sanskrit letters are joined horizontally.

2. Top area of the wrist

If you want to avoid a full wrist tattoo, you can make a tattoo on the top half of your wrist. You can display this tattoo openly.

3. Inner wrist

Inner wrist tattoos are generally very interesting. Many people want to ink Sanskrit Tattoo designs on their inner wrists. So that they can show the tattoo when they like or they can hide it, if they want.

Many celebrities and film stars are getting attracted towards these wrist tattoos. They are not only convenient to wear but also very meaningful. Tattoo shops, tattoo galleries and many online websites offer different Sanskrit tattoo designs basing on the language and the beliefs attached to it. A professional tattoo artist can help you to pick one of these wrist tattoos that you desire for.

There are many Sanskrit design tattoos but the most common ones are The Lotus flower design and the Om Symbol. Some Sanskrit words or its translated versions also are popular. If you are one of those who want to try different and get recognized, grab the best Sanskrit design tattoo and get cool with it.

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