Get Safe Tattoo

If You are going to get a tattoo then get a safe tattoo. You may have heard the rare horror stories of people who’ve contracted HIV or Hepatitis from getting a tattoo.

While it isn’t the norm, it is an unfortunate possibility if you aren’t careful. Here are the safety precautions you must take before getting your tattoo:

Go to a reputable artist and tattoo shop. Ask around. If you see someone who has a tattoo that you like (or is particularly well done), ask the person for the shop or artist’s name. Most people don’t mind being asked who did their tattoo. Go online or search the yellow pages. Many shops advertise their sterilization processes and procedures, or advertise that their artists have taken special courses provided by the local health department.
Ask questions and expect answers.

It’s okay to interview a couple of different tattoo artists. If they’re professional, they won’t mind taking a little time to talk to you about your concerns. Don’t try to talk to them when they’re in the middle of a tattoo. If you need to, ask when they expect a slow moment so they can talk to you. Ask them about sterilization procedures, precautions they use and what they do with the used needles. Expect to see evidence to back up their answers. If they don’t want to talk to you or seem a bit shaky about safety, cleanliness and needle disposal, find another artist.

Look for evidence of training. You’ll often see certificates (that should be up to date) posted regarding health department inspections and course completion. Different areas have different requirements for tattoo shops (and some have none). Find out what’s required in your area. Your local tattoo shop should be able to provide evidence of meeting those requirements and hopefully going above and beyond.

Ask to see the equipment that will be used. All needles should be brand new and in sealed packages. Your artist will open them in front of you. If that doesn’t happen, walk out. Tattoo guns will be covered with plastic film and your artist will wear disposal exam gloves. If your artist has to take the gloves off for some reason, he/she will put a fresh pair on when they return to begin working on your tattoo again. The tattoo shop should look clean. It’s probably not going to look like your doctor’s office, but it should be neat and clean and reasonably organized.

Always follow your artist’s instructions for tattoo care. Aftercare is very important for proper healing and a great looking tattoo. Knowing what safety measures should be in place before you get inked will help you stay safe.

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