Get Tahitian Tattoos Ways

Tahiti is basically an island found in the French part of Polynesia which is to be found on the southern part of the famous Pacific Ocean and is the home of Tahitian tattoos. Tahitian tattoos were given that name due to the where most of the designs that artists use came from as well as the concepts that essentially originate from the island.

The conventional tattooing method of Tahiti is still in practice to this day but it is only a number of artists that can do this as it is supposed to be done. Due to their appealing nature of the Tahitian tattoos, present day artists make use of hem as well. If you are in the market for this type of tattoo, below are a number of things you should know:

Over the years, the world of tattoos has undergone an evolution and now the tools of this trade are more sophisticated. In the same regard, Tahitian tattoos are able to grab people’s attention because of the complicated nature of the tattoos that were originally from Tahiti. Famous people such as Dwayne Johnson who is an American actor sports this design on his left hand. Apart from its marvelous history, this tattoo also bears a very deep meaning. There is some documentation from historians of the early age who describe the tattoos as being a sign that Tahiti has matured.

Both women and men have these tattoos done because they are a symbol of a particular part of who they are. The designs vary from one individual to another as well for instance the tribe’s chief would get more tattoos compared to a gatherer. Today, more people are going for the Tahitian culture due to their wonderful images and patterns which could be used for the creation of a tattoo.

Ancient Methods

Originally, Tahitian tattoos are created by making use of special tools that are operated manually and not the ones that are powered by electricity that we use today. Among tools to be used are a strong wooden hammer and wooden stick that has teeth-like protrusions at the end. The teeth are usually made using shells or animal bones. These play the role of ‘needles’ to the stick and their work is to make holes in the skin as they apply the pigment. In the past, the ink that was used by the Tahiti people was made using sap as well as other kinds of pigment sources.

A Culture Celebration

The tattoos that came from Tahiti are clearly very rich in terms of culture and history. For many of the people who get these tattoos, their main reason is express a particular value that the Tahitians also value. The way Tahitian see tattoos as a way of representing their pain endurance and strength, modern people share these same ideals as well. Although the modern generation does things in a different way compared to people of old according to history books, the cultural relevance and impact of Tahitian tattoos can simply not be ignored.

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