Getting a Tribal Chest Tattoo

Thinking of getting a very special tribal chest tattoo ?

There are numerous forms of tribal chest tattoos, which make it hard for someone to make a blanket judgment concerning the general design. They are usually done using a large amount of black ink which is able to hold up the tattoo without any chance of fading as is seen with other colors.

The designs for tribal chest tattoos are common and it is hardly difficult to come up with a design. These designs have had a profound impact on the tattoo industry and influenced some popular designs such as the World War two period hula dancer motifs. Many people from that era still have the hula girl design tattoos up to now. This trend is gradually getting poplar and has not caught on yet. Some of the designs include Maori motifs, Eskimo totems, Aztec sundial clocks and many others. Most of these patterns use color and heavy lines to bring out images appropriately. It is wise to select the best designer to do the tattoo for you.

These are currently one of the most popular tattoo styles and they have their origins in the ancient ethnic tribes of Hawaii, Polynesia (Maori tattoos) among many other ancient cultures. The tribal tattoos rekindle the history of body art and decoration with many designs that can be blended to come up with motifs. The process also gives meaning to the ancient myths and symbols which were depicted though body art. All the patterns are able to be enlarged and then traced on to different parts of the body.

Ancient cultures used them to indicate the initiation of the young into adulthood however it has been turned into an expressive form of fashion. For those who consider tribal chest tattoos as simply fashion symbols, they need to know that fashions come and go while tribal tattoos have been around for a long period of time. African tribes tattooed their warriors’ bodies using handmade ink and crocodile teeth. The images depicted were simple and made to distinguish a persons standing within the tribe. They were also used to scare enemies and create a kind of bond that kept people as a social unit. This was the situation back then but now if you have a cool idea for a design you can get a tattoo which would make it an esthetic element.

Tribal chest tattoos could be currently the most preferred tattoos with the most common being those derived from the Maori, Native American, Haida and Polynesia. The word tribal has numerous connotations and could vary in meaning. Initially the tattoo designs were for tribal identification. It is for this reason that getting the wrong tattoo tribal chest tattoos jeopardizes the probability of becoming a tribe member and could

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