Getting Arabic Tattoo Designs

Many people are drawn to Arabic tattoo designs because Arabs stand out and this is with respect to their religion, culture and traditions. Theirs is a true pride in their heritage and when the Western world embraced the Arabic designs of tattoos, the Arabs living in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq were quick to check this and oppose the possible insult.

Accordingly, to Islam, being inked for pleasure is not acceptable. However, many do not follow this and Arabs and those who are will get all kinds of Arabic tattoo designs for different reasons.

The Experts of the Islam faith state that using these images especially those that are religious should be done in a sacred manner by people who live and understand the meaning.

Therefore, for all people who wish to tattoo with Arab designs, it is vital to know some of the important details of the faith before embarking on it.

They are listed as follows

• Writing should be done from right to left
• There are in total 18 letter shapes that are unique for the writings
• The shapes of letters will change to connect
• Used in traditional Arabic calligraphy these are the kinds of scripts. There is Farsi, Kufi, Deewani, Naskh, Req’aa and Thuluth.

In the modern day, unique tattoos that are presented in form of foreign language are more popular. Words and the uses thereof should be done carefully when considering Arabic design in tattoos. People should not just assume the meanings. Those that seem vague to some will make all the difference to others.

What Then Are The Steps To Getting A Tattoo That Will Turn Heads?

Fist, it is vital to see an artist who can use the tattoo stencil in the right manner regarding placement. It is best to have a guide who knows the Arabic language well so that there can be no room for flaws to arise. It is pivotal to employ the advice of people who actually know Arabic well. The source of translations can be the Internet and counter-checking different facts in the meanings is the key. This will help avoid confusion and incorrect meanings that might be the source of conflict with different people. Overall, make sure that the design tattooed will not cause any alarm and this is a sure way to be safe not to step on the toes of others.

A professional translator in this matter will be invaluable. The rules of the Arab culture are very different hence, no need to assume about the letters and meanings and this is the best way to go. An Arabic font and style that catches the eye of people needs to be the one inked. This is because different symbols will influence different people in a unique way and choosing one that speaks will make all the difference. Flower and star shapes of the designs are a few simple and easy options. With Arabic tattoo designs, all is possible and the choices are endless; it is a matter of personal preference.

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