Girl Rib Cage Tattoos

A girl rib cage tattoo creates a unique choice that you can explore when deciding on getting body art tattoos. For a start, it does not suit everyone; you must have the charisma and body to show off the tattoo. Bear in mind that tattoos on rib cage are believed by many to be among the most painful tattoos that are done on the body. This is due to the fact that the tattoo area is closer to the rib bones plus there is less tissue that can act as padding for the skin as the needle penetrates the skin while the tattoo is being done.

Beside neck tattoo, upper back tattoos and leg tattoo. The girl rib cage tattoo is a great option for a person looking for a nice body art. Megan Fox a celebrated Hollywood actress has a body art tattoo on the left side of the rib cage quoting a short poem that states, “There Once Was A Little Girl Who Never Knew Love Until A Boy Broke Her HEART.” The Rib cage forms a place that is very unique to have a tattoo. However, you must have a body that is toned to have this tattoo done. There are numerous ideas that are available for girl rib cage tattoo, starting with unique quotes to floral designs.

The rib cage can be compared to a large canvas on which work is done, so it is imperative that you select a tattoo design which complements your entire body. A large number of women who get a girl rib cage tattoo normally select floral designs. The designs are drawn beginning from the hip region towards the breast’s side. The Cherry blossom tree body art tattoos are trendy on sexy women’s ribs especially when it is done in red or dark pink colors complete with twigs and leaves. Whereas this might look really appealing, other flowers are prospects that can look really stunning as rib tattoo designs- they include the orchid, stargazer lily along with Hawaiian flowers such as plumeria and hibiscus among others. Clusters of butterflies as well as stars that are tattooed using vibrant colors might also look astonishing since they may be flawlessly proportioned to fit on the rib region. Men normally go for masculine tattoo designs such as guardian angel, dragons, snakes, birds and koi fish.

These designs are best one if the size used is on a larger scale making the rib region an absolutely good place to get the tattoos. The pinup girl, dark arts, tribal art as well as other designs that are hard core are among tattoo art that are worth placing on this area.

Pain is among the factors to consider when thinking about having this type of body art tattoo theme. Nevertheless, as people say all the time, pain is only for a short time plus it is something you can bear. Selecting a design forms the other part of this task, which can be challenging as numerous tattoo options to pick from are available. There are plenty of reliable online body art tattoo galleries where you will find tattoo art of the finest quality.

Select a tattoo design that you truly adore and makes you proud since this will be part of you for life so you will not find any problems exposing the girl rib cage tattoo in public.

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