Girly Tattoos

Women are getting tattoos almost as often as men are, which, for tattoo artists, is a beautiful thing. Why shouldn’t women be allowed to mark their bodies with ink, especially if the ink adds to their beauty instead of taking away from it.

It also allows women to express themselves as well, which is something that many women thoroughly enjoy doing. A woman who looks for tattoo designs, however, is often looking for girly tattoos, as they don’t want to add something too masculine to their body.

Where can you find girly tattoos?

One thing you can do before you head to your tattoo artists’ shop is to look online at a number of different types of girly tattoos.

You’ll quickly find a number of girly things like butterflies, hearts, and flowers, but don’t believe that you have to stick completely to the generic brand of girly tattoos.

A tattoo doesn’t have to be considered “girly” by everyone to make you look even more girly. Angelina Jolie, for instance, has some simple lines drawn on her lower back. The lines were supposedly drawn by her live-in-lover, Brad Pitt, and she liked the design of the lines so much she immediately had them inked on her.

These designs, when put on paper, don’t look like a typical girly tattoo at all, but when you see them on her body you see how naturally they flow with her and how they accentuate that part of her body. That is what girly tattoos are all about.

Look for something that makes your body look even more beautiful than it is, and even if it’s not considered a traditional girly tattoo, it’s a girly tattoo for your body that is absolutely perfect in helping you to express yourself and to look more beautiful as well.

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