Heart and Wings Tattoo Designs

Heart tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoo designs in our society today. Recently there has even been a style depicting a more medically accurate version with veins, arteries and other anatomically correct parts.

The first noted group to use this tattoo design-symbol was sailors. To them a heart tattoo was a badge of love, and to a connection to, their loved ones left back on shore.

Heart tattoo designs represent various human emotions to people. Love, of course, romantic love, lust, a unity between people, painful feelings, sad memories, a tribute to a lost love or loved one. A heart design can represent sad memories for some. In ancient civilizations hearts were viewed as the center of the intellect.

A collection of heart tattoo variations have evolved over time. Sailors were notorious for their heart and anchor tattoos with Mom scrawled in the middle. Celtic tattoos sometimes add a heart in knot work. Hearts and Banners. Heart and Roses. Hearts and Veins!

A broken heart often represents for the loss of a loved one, lost or rejected love, or a failed relationship. A sadness and grief is the emotional aspect portrayed.

A heart that bleeds also refers to a lost love. A heart pierced with an arrow is a popular image that can depict both sad and unforgettable love.

A free spirit is typically represented by a heart with wings. Wings represent freedom and rising above problems. Wings can be a variation of what the angel tattoos represent which is sometimes a tribute to someone who has passed away. So, the combination can represent the memory of a loved one, looking down and protecting the memory of the person they lost.

When you combine heart tattoos and daggers, swords, or knives, the meanings vary between bravery and betrayal. A dagger piercing a heart means someone you trusted and let get close has hurt you. Like a reminder to be cautious in the future. A heart and dagger is a popular military tattoo which is often used to symbolize bravery.

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