Hip Tattoos for Girls

The hip area contains the more muscle so when the tattoo is craved on the hip, it will pain more. While craving, your nerves also pains. Many of the girls try to get the tattoo on this place. Small hip tattoos for girls are considered as a teaser. Get the tattoos on the hip if you wear bikinis or low cut pants more. This article is all about the hip tattoos for girls. The articles give the design, color combination, advantage, and disadvantages of the hip tattoos.

Design Hip Tattoos for Girls:

Any design can be used at the hip point. This is because hip area tattoo does not offer a lot of visibility for others.

The common designs that can be used on the hip are:

  • Flowers
  • Red rose
  • Heart
  • Butterflies
  • Fairies
  • Dolphins

The above mentioned designs look very beautiful on the hip part.

Other than the above designs the girls can also choose the following designs:

  1. Cross bones
  2. Daggers
  3. Stars
  4. Small insects
  5. Animals faces

The attraction of the tattoos depends upon the placement.

Most Suitable Tattoos Can Be Inked on the Hip:

  1. Japanese tattoos
  2. Traditional American tattoos
  3. Animate tattoos
  4. Indian tattoos

Butterfly tattoos look very attractive on the hip. The butterfly tattoos are the most favorite tattoos of the girls. Hawaiian flower tattoos also look beautifully on the hip.

You can get a tattoo on the hip that you want. But while getting the tattoo, you must be careful. A lot of care must be taken at the time of getting the tattoo. If you want to remove the tattoo also you are going to pain. So while choosing the tattoo you must be careful. If you want to get a tattoo on the hip, it is better to get a temporary tattoo. If you want the permanent tattoo choose the tattoo with a lot of care. If you want to get the temporary tattoo, you no need to thing more.

There are many places to get the hip tattoo for girls. You can search the different site. Many of the sites allow viewing the different tattoos.

If you want to design a tattoo, look at the different tattoo available in the site and then design the tattoos.

Before getting the tattoo on your hip ask the friends about their experience. The tattoos on the hips are in fashion. This fashion is going to be there for few years. Although it is painful, it gives a feminine touch to girls.

Disadvantages of the Hip Tattoos:

The hip tattoos have some disadvantages and I have listed some of them.

  1. Getting the tattoo on the hip is more painful.
  2. Removing the hip tattoo is also painful.
  3. Hip tattoo are more costly compare to other types of tattoos.
  4. Some of the people thing some badness about the girl if she have a tattoo on the hip.
  5. Hip Tattoo for girls is considered as a teaser.
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