History of Nautical Star Tattoos

With history of nautical star tattoos, often people wonder whether tattooing is just style or an art in itself.

Tattooing an art or just style that took birth in the 21st century but has been practiced since a long time. Nautical star tattoos are one such. It is a very old modern tattoo going back at least a century or more. The whole Many regard tattooing as an art. The art of tattooing is not something topic of nautical stars has been a very debatable one. As the name suggests it is believed that nautical the sailors of Spain used stars tattoo. The North Pole star guided the sailors to their destination. Then they started tattooing nautical stars, as they believed it as a lucky sign.

A modern controversy:
However, that is not exactly what is believed today. The people in military and also gay and lesbian communities also use the nautical star tattoos. Reasons for military people using it related to the same logic as that of the sailors. They too do it thinking that it will help them to reach home safe. It is regarded as sign of prestige and honor among them. History also reveals that lesbians used nautical star tattoos during times when girls could not easily express their feelings.


They got it done in places, which could be concealed like on their wrist where they hid it by wearing a watch day and revealed it at night. The same reasons are applied to the gay community as well. In today’s world it is still practiced as a respect for their sisters and brothers from these communities.

Leave apart all controversies; get a nautical star tattoo for style or art or whatever!

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