How to remove an unwanted tattoo

Going to a laser tattoo removal treatment center is a popular way to remove an unwanted tattoo. Laser treatments involve a laser/light entering the skin and breaking up the tattoo ink pigments which are located in the deep layers of skin.

While some consumers are under the impression that their tattoo will disappear after one laser treatment, the truth is that like every effective tattoo removal option, it will take multiple applications to produce results.

While laser tattoo removal is an effective way to help erase an unwanted tattoo, there are multiple risks involved, which is why our staff recommends using tattoo removal creams.

Laser Tattoo Removal Drawbacks

One of the most substantial drawbacks to laser treatments is the pain involved. Many consumers report that the laser treatments are more painful than getting the initial tattoo was. This is because the laser is essentially burning through the skin in order to reach the ink pigments. Unfortunately, by burning through the skin, there is always the risk of scarring the skin.

Finally, the cost of laser tattoo removal treatments are very prohibitive and can cost upwards of $10,000 for larger, more detailed tattoos.

Alternative Tattoo Removal Options

Because of the risks and cost associated with laser tattoo removal, many consumers use tattoo removal treatments such as a topical tattoo removal cream.

Tattoo removal creams take a little longer to produce results, but they are painless (with the exception of TCA based creams) and more importantly are far less expensive.

Using an over-the-counter topical cream or gel is the least expensive way to remove a tattoo at home. These topical creams and gels work by removing old layers of skin which will allow the tattooed layers of skin to slowly come to the surface. After many months of treatment, the tattoo will eventually be faded or erased.

The main reason people choose this option is due to the cost. When you compare the cost of using a laser tatoo removal treatment to using a topical gel or cream, you will find that laser treatment cost much more money due in part because they are required to be performed by a medical professional at a regulated site. This is much like how it is more expensive to dye your hair at a salon as compared with doing it yourself at home.

The big drawback to using a topical solution is time as this tattoo removal method often requires a bit of patience as it will take longer to fade or help erase a tattoo especially one that has hard to fade colors such as green.

After you have exfoliated the dead skin either by a pad, tool, or cream/gel, you will apply the tattoo removal gel and wait for the results.

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