Ideas for Vine Tattoo Designs

Vines represent holiness and purity in different cultures and religions and this is the main reason for the popularity of vine tattoo designs. Vines also represent harmony, peace, progress, and growth. Before getting a vine tattoo, it is important that you research on what it means. This way, the tattoo will not be misinterpreted into what you did not intend it to mean and you will not need to undergo the costly and painful procedure of tattoo removal. Men and women can get vine tattoos, but most designs are for women because vines are not considered masculine.

There are many vine tattoo design ideas and this presents a dilemma to those who want to get the tattoo. When searching for vine tattoo design ideas, consider the sex, the body part where it will be inked, and the purpose of the tattoo. You should look at as many ideas as possible.

You can get the information from magazines or from the books of your favorite tattoo artist, but the internet is the best place to make the comparisons. This is because the information is current and you get to look at ideas from different parts of the world. The internet is convenient since you can make the comparisons 24/7, all year round and because you can do this in the comfort of your own home. The internet has cost benefits because there is no travel required and because the information is free of charge in most websites, and the internet is anonymous.

Vine tattoo designs in girls have different meanings. If you wan a pretty tattoo, you can have it on the shoulder blade or the ankle. If you are going for an aura of mystery, you should have the tattoo on your hip. A vine tattoo on the hip also brings out the seductive charm of the woman. Many women go for a vine tattoo on the hip because the hip is fleshy, meaning the process is less painful. The most common vine tattoo designs on the hip are star tattoos and flower tattoos.

Another common part for a vine tattoo in girls is the wrist. You should only go for this option if you want the world to see the tattoo. You should therefore choose a tattoo that is not subject to misinterpretation and one that you will not get tired of quickly.

A common tattoo design for wrist vine tattoos is lettering being incorporated into the tattoo.

Another visible body part where girls ink vine tattoo designs is the neck. The bohemian style goes well with a vine tattoo on the neck. In this style, the vine starts from the shoulder blade and ends at the neck’s nape.

However, note that neck tattoos are usually painful and there is need for a lot of caution from the tattoo artist.

For men vine tattoo designs, there is need for thorough research on an appropriate design. Go for masculine vine tattoo designs such as a vine entangled on a barbed wire.

For the best vine tattoo designs, talk to a tattoo artist about what you want – they have the experience and skills to deliver exactly that.

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