Ink the Perfect Side Flower Tattoos

Most people consider getting tattoos is a painful experience, but having a side flower tattoo is the most painful experience a tattoo wearer will experience. Despite the pain experienced in the above area, lots of girls still go ahead to ink a tattoo on their sides. The advantage of having a tattoo on inked on your body is to represent your beauty, confidence, individuality and sex appeal.

In majority of cases, the Hawaiian side flower tattoo is the most popular tattoo among women. These types of tattoos have a wide range that includes lilies and rose flowers. Directly from its name, this style of the Hawaiian side flower tattoo is a widespread choice for many Hawaiians. In fact, having the side flower tattoo done is a popular Hawaiian tourist attraction. Having the flower side tattoo on the body complements the tourist visit on the beautiful island that is surrounded by ocean waves.

The hibiscus flower is regarded as a beauty symbol for the simple fact that it is open for only a short time each day. The flower’s significance depends on the flower’s color. If a girl places a red hibiscus behind her right ear, it means she is already spoken for (has a lover), but she signifies she is looking for one, if the tattoo is behind her left ear.

Another flower that is used as a Hawaiian side flower tattoo is the appealing Plumeria flower. This is a tropical flower that has pink and white colored petals with sweet fragrance. The Plumeria side flower tattoo can be made with either the Hibiscus floral or tribal tattoo design. The other important attribute concerning Plumeria is that it is usually used as a welcome gift given to Hawaii visitors and tourists. People searching for warm themes and yet want to make it floral can use Plumeria side flower tattoo combined with quite a few hibiscus flowers. These flower tattoos can be placed on the back and side of the neck, shoulder, lower back, hip area and arm. Just like women prefers, men incorporate big designs of these tattoos. Having the tattoo inked on the body is a way of remembering the beautiful Hawaiian island.

The designs of the Hawaiian side flower tattoo are available in online Tattoo galleries. The tattoo’s theme and mood decides the choice of the design one would want. If you want to display a bold look, you can obtain a group of hibiscus as well as other flowers that mixes the beach’s ocean wave. For a small tattoo, you can decide to get a Plumeria flower at the back of the neck with the name of your loved ones or some highlighting on the tattoo’s boundary. You ought to have confidence as you display your lovely side flower tattoo.

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