Insights into Celtic Tattoo Art

Celtic tattoo arts have been increasing in popularity over the last few years. Their history dates back to ancient times where many tribes used them as a form of representation for their culture and heritage. The 4th and 5th centuries saw different illustrations of manuscripts made from this art for biblical works. History informs that it is through the coming together of different symbols that were both pagan and religious that the Celtic fame grew and it has been seen to progress to the current day. The visual nature of these symbols is most grabbing and the tattoos are definitely nothing less in terms of appeal.

The Celtic tattoo art emanated from the Celt people who were not known to be a people that communicated using writing aids. Instead, their communication was verbal and this is how all their practice was passed on. Although there is not much information about the people, the Romans and Greeks later found that these people had gained a lot of religious knowledge as well as knowledge in philosophy, geography and astronomy. The Celts became the symbol of knowledge and Romans used their expertise and hired their services, as they became tutors for their children. The Celts were very superstitious and built their foundation on a caste of priests. The Celts undertook stone and metalwork and it is from this time that people believe their Celtic art of tattooing started. This is cited by Irish manuscripts in form of the book ‘The book of Kells’ which can be found displayed in Dublin Ireland at the Trinity College library.

Because the Celts communicated verbally through stories, there is no enough evidence to prove the Celtic tattooing but many still believe that these people created these dynamic designs adapted today. The knot tattoo famed for not having a starting and an end is one example of such designs. This is meant to show how the cycle of life and death flows. Zoomorphic or spiral designs may end but knots have no ending. The power of the circle that lasts forever is depicted with the Celtic knots. It can be difficult to create interlacing Celtic knots and they will represent a feeling that is not a symbolism.

Many samples of Celtic design..

The zoomorphic kinds of tattoos will be no different from the normal kinds. They may come in animal designs that include legs, tails, body, heads or even feet. The ultimate goal is to show a feeling that interlocks with spirituality to depict all shades and elements of existence. Spiral designs that twirl will form the spiral tattoo designs that are common. There are those that will form a maze using parallel lines and these are called maze tattoos. The designs can be incorporated with flowers, stars and skulls to form different themes altogether. The Celtic tattoos can be placed on shoulders, legs, upper back, lower back, ankles and so on. To ensure that these tattoos are of great quality, a specialist will be needed to place them. These are no ordinary tattoos because they convey deep feelings and help people interpret life. Celtic tattoo art is no wonder one of the best forms of body art expression ever invented.

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