Is Chinese Character Name Tattoo Right for You?

If you like tattoos and want something a little different from the usual, you must consider getting a Chinese character name tattoo. They are unique compared to the regular English ones. Your name is formed out of only a thousand characters of the over eighty thousand characters in the Chinese alphabet; that is how unique your tattoo can get.

You can choose and download on to your computer from our wide range of Chinese characters, to show what you like to your tattoo artist. If you don’t find what you have in mind, please do contact us. Please note that we don’t offer sentence translations, only names and idioms.

As Chinese letters can be read from left to right and also at times from top to bottom, you need to decide if you want to have your Chinese character name tattoo read vertically or horizontally, before you go to the artist.

When you are getting your Chinese character name tattoo, it is very important that you find a professional tattooist of good reputation because you don’t want to find out afterwards that your Chinese character name tattoo doesn’t really spell your name but something else altogether, maybe even something offensive. So don’t get fooled, know exactly what the characters of your Chinese character name tattoo look like. This way the tattoo artist will know that you know exactly what you want.

We have here for you some tips on how you can get the most out of your Chinese character name tattoo:

1. You may not always be able to translate your name literally, in which case you need to find a Chinese equivalent to your name. For instance, if your name was Sally Smith and if you translated that to “SaLi SaMiTa”, it would look a little silly. The only way around this is to do some research till you find a translation that is the closest to your name.

2. To get your Chinese character name tattoo as accurate as possible, check it out with a Chinese-speaking person. Even if you don’t know one, you can find one at a school or even a Chinese restaurant. The best option would of course be to get your Chinese character name tattoo translated by a native Chinese speaker, you couldn’t get more accurate than that.

3. An alternative to getting your name tattooed would be a Chinese idiom tattoo. Most Chinese idioms have four characters and you can choose one that will express your sense of humor, honor, principle in life, anything at all that suits you best.

4. The last step is selecting a font that will emphasize the beauty of your tattoo. Your tattoo artist or Chinese translator should be able to help you with this.

So, do remember the Chinese character name tattoo for something different that will stand out and make everyone take notice. It’s a sure way of expressing your unique personality and also of impressing those you want to.

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