Italian Tattoo Designs: Lettering Problems to be Cautious About

Italian tattoo designs mostly come in varying shapes and sizes. Some of the Italian designs include Italian cross, Italian horn and Italian flag that have white, green or red colors. Sometimes you can see a sleeve that is partly completed made only for Italian cuisine. Such tattoo patterns give illustrations of a plate of macaroni and meatballs, a wine pitcher and a cannoli. Fortunately, when you compare Italian language to the other languages such as Gaelic, Hebrew, Arabic and Latin, Italian is pretty easy to interpret for your Italian tattoo lettering designs.

Most of the words that are presented in English can be easily decoded into the Italian language without difficulties. You can do so on your Italian tattoo designs. However, when you use the English language, you have to be extremely careful since it can affect the translation of the Italian word. If you make a spelling error in the translation, your beautiful and encouraging word can turn out to be ridiculous Italian-tattoo-letteringand senseless. For instance, in a Miami Ink episode a customer wanted Italian tattoos, and chose the word “per sempre” an Italian word meaning “forever.” Since the design which was to be tattooed was drawn by the customer, the completed artwork turned out to be “pre sempre”, instead of what was actually intended. Despite the fact that the mistake was on one letter, your Italian tattoo designs will lost its meaning given that there is no Italian meaning for that.

This is possibly the reason why individuals must be very careful when they choose tattoo designs. As an example, you should be cautious when you choose an Italian phrase like “la vita e bella” that in English means «life is beautiful». Since it has similar letters, it can be misinterpreted as «la bella vita» that means ‘the beautiful life.’ The phrase «beautiful life» is mostly utilized by Italians when illustrating someone who enjoys a wealthy life, and one who lives a life of throwing parties and extravagant spending.

When it comes to Italian tattoos designs or other tattoos that are written in foreign languages that is not your own, make sure that you play your role. Ensure that you compare your own translation with several other sources apart from your own. Besides, there are some free online services where you can check the tattoo translations free of charge. Even though these online services can be very helpful, you should remember the importance of making sure that what you translate is accurate. Make use of other online translators or confirm reliability of the translation with local Italian star-Italian-tattoospeakers using the message forum or board.

Here are Italian phrases, which you can decide to use for the Italian tattoo designs.

L’amore e cieco meaning ‘love is blind.’
L’amore domina senza regole meaning ‘without rules love rules.’
Vivi e lascia vivere meaning ‘live and let live’
Smuovere mare e monti meaning ‘to move earth and heaven’

To be sure that you eventually get accurate results, always keep in your mind that it is very important to be cautious when choosing Italian tattoo designs.

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