Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are usually a symbolic representation of who you are; the qualities you admire or what you seek. Likewise Japanese dragon tattoos are also highly symbolic. So, before you ink a Japanese dragon tattoo design, learn more about it to understand its value.

Dragons have been a part of mythology in almost all cultures, be it western or eastern. Normally in the Western culture the dragon depicts evil qualities like jealousy, revenge, hatred etc. But Japanese dragons are like the Chinese dragons. They are mythical creatures that are considered as guardians of the imperial families.

The Japanese dragon is a mesmeric creature with the head of a camel, horns of a deer, eyes of a hare, paws of a tiger, scales of a carp and claws of an eagle. These dragons have long whiskers and a jewel under its chin. The dragon is called “Ryu” in Japan like the Ryu from the movie “Street Fighter”.

It is believed that this formation is to give the dragon the admirable quality of different parts of different animals and birds. This mythical beast is hence revered as a guardian and protector from all evils. It is also believed that the first emperor of Japan was a descendant of a dragon. Some also view this dragon as gods of lightning and thunder.

Symbolic of protection and guidance the Japanese dragon tattoo design has become popular worldwide amongst tattoo lovers. The Japanese dragon tattoo can be drawn fully at the back or on the upper arms with the head extending to the chest or back. But there is no restriction on where this can be applied. The location of the tattoo is your choice and purely a personal affair.

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