Kabbalah Tattoos: Mysticism of the Jewish Faith

Kabbalah tattoos are gaining popularity the world over due to the high-profile celebrity stars that are subscribing to the same. Worldwide, a new interest in Kabbalah is being evoked, due to Madonna sporting a Kabbalah tattoo on her shoulder for a major Hollywood blockbuster song video.

For those that are new to the term Kabbalah tattoos, let us first understand the meaning of Kabbalah. The Hebrew word Kabbalah means “tradition” and denotes mysticism of the Jewish faith which explores the hidden meanings in the holy book of the Jews, The Torah, which are also the first five segments of the Bible. This traditional method of exploring the ancient science of Jewish mysticism is the most advanced studies there is on the Jewish faith. Earlier, this study was permitted only to Jewish scholars since uncovering the meanings and hidden power in the holy book bestows power and responsibility which has be used for the greater good of mankind.

However, in contemporary times, a cross section of young and old, and both genders are showing a resurgence of interest in the ancient Hebrew tradition of Kabbalah and seeking to permanently ink their bodies with lettering from the Hebrew tradition – Kabbalah tattoos.

A resurgence of interest in the Kabbalah is translating into requests for Hebrew-style tattoos. These designs are meant to express and share an individual’s personal spirituality.

Getting Kabbalah tattoos can be a sign of your inner spiritual beliefs or merely inked for ornamental reasons. Either ways, a lot of thought needs to go into why you are choosing Kabbalah tattoos and what are your reasons for the same. To be able to do that, one needs to understand the various kinds of options available while going in for Kabbalah tattoos.

The first option for Kabbalah tattoos are letters of the Hebrew alphabet. These are used in their ancient form to create designs and meaning that bestow a profound impression on the wearer. Hebrew lettering is a different specialized genre of Kabbalah tattoos and should be explored in depth, before arriving at a choice for permanent inking.

The second option while going in for Kabbalah tattoos are the Jewish names of God. The Jewish tradition has 72 names attributed to God and each name conveys a variable kind of Divine energy. Believers of the Kabbalah tradition feel that some of that specific Divine energy gets evoked and transferred to the body of the one who sports specific Kabbalah tattoos.

The third option is to explore the vast availability of tattoos and designs that can be drawn from the Judaic scriptures, which could hold a very special spiritual significance for the one who bears the tattoo.

The fourth option while going in for Kabbalah tattoos is to explore the realms of Jewish mysticism by understanding the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the corresponding numerical value attached to it. This is similar to the science of Numerology and can provide numerical symbols as a design for Kabbalah tattoos.

Whatever genre of Kabbalah tattoos that you choose, it is important to carefully explore the meaning and symbolism, prior to getting it permanently inked on your body.

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