Koi Fish Tattoos

If you’ve ever gone to Japan, or have even gone to a Japanese restaurant, you’ve seen Koi fish.


Koi fish are large fish that resemble your garden-variety household goldfish. They are, however, much more sacred in the Japanese culture and are a fish that rarely gets killed. There are many stories about magical Koi fish and that may be why so many people believe that the fish themselves are filled with luck.

If you’re thinking about getting Koi fish tattoos you’re in luck, because they’re so popular that they’re something that just about every tattoo artist knows how to do and how to do well.

There are a number of reasons why Koi fish tattoos are so popular, but one of the most common is because they are the perfect cover-up.

Most people who get a tattoo eventually come to regret the tattoo that they got, especially if they got something that has a boyfriend or girlfriend’s initials on it, or they got it when they were not entirely sober. Getting tattoos removed is costly and painful, while cover-ups are much less painful and much more affordable.

Koi fish tattoos are the perfect cover-up, as they can be made in a variety of sizes, in a variety of shapes, and if you have water sluicing up around them they can hide just about anything and any color.

Of course you don’t have to need a cover-up in order to get Koi fish tattoos. Many people who schedule a tattoo meeting with the idea of getting Koi fish tattoos simply do it because they absolutely love the look of the fish, and the look of the tattoo, while others do it because they want to have a bit of luck.

Either way, Koi fish tattoos are always great to look at on the body.

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