Legacy of Aztec Dragon Tattoos

Aztec dragon tattoos are some legacies that were left behind by the Aztec civilization that was once regarded as being thriving and superior. The reasons behind its attraction may lie in its visual beauty or a deep recognition of how ancient Aztec lived and prospered. Art had a significant value in the lives of the Aztecs. This means that if you want to carry the tattoo you have to clearly know that the Aztec dragon tattoos originated from a civilization that regarded it as being sacred. The people of Aztec were advanced during their existence, where their culture incorporated skin tattoo art, majority of which are currently being used.

The Aztec dragon tattoo closely resembles tribal art tattoo. This is especially true with the flexible and long dragon art that has origins from the tribal tattoo tradition and is among well known tattoo motives. The shape of the dragon tattoo makes it fit any body part. The dragon covers the entire back, covering itself round the arms or curling itself on the person’s chest.

The designs for the Aztec body tattoos were used as sacred symbols by those who created them at the first place. The tattoo was usually located at a strategic place on the body to symbolize elements that were culturally engrained. One can have a tattoo as a representation of their culture or signify their interest in that culture. The central symbol of the Aztec body tattoos is the sun, thus one might get the tattoos to symbolize the sun’s character of strength.

During ancient times, the Aztec dragon tattoos were also inked on children. This was done in order to make them identify with the Deity that was being worshipped. If you want to identify yourself more with this tattoo, you might want to learn more about it and you can proceed to ink it in the exact location it was placed by ancient Aztecs. Doing this will not make Aztec dragon tattoos just a simple copy, but it would mean you clearly understand and appreciate the Aztec culture.

Other than Aztec dragon tattoos, majority of the art symbols such as Aztec warriors, Aztec symbols, Aztec cultural and ritual tattoo designs are utilizing a large space and this is why they are inked on the biceps or the back. In order for the eagle and sun tattoos to fit the ankle or wrist, their sizes are reduced. Nonetheless, people of ancient Aztec considered both the importance of the symbol and where it was placed. For instance, Aztec dragon tattoos inked on the wrist, stomach or chest stands for an individual’s dedication to a particular god.

You ought to carryout a thorough research on the implication of all the Aztec dragon tattoos if you decide to use one. This will mean that you are not only using the Aztec dragon tattoos for aesthetics purposes but using it as a brand of the pride you may have regarding its rich heritage.

Examples of Aztec Dragon Styles:

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