Leo Tattooing — The Zodiac Sign that Rules

Are you thinking of getting a Leo tattoo just because of you’re a Leo and thinking to relate your tattoo to your Leo Zodiac sign?

Well, you are not the only one. Leo Zodiac tattoos have been used by thousands of people in thousands of ways. People, who were born between July 23 and August 22 under the western astrological calendar, are Leos. They are good communicators and have a flair for theater and dramas. The Zodiac sign Leo is associated with Lion, Sun and Fire.

The Lion Tattoos

The zodiac sign Leo is associated with the animal Lion. Tattoos with lion picture symbolize power, prestige and leadership. Anyone, who thinks of exhibiting a lion’s personality, can wear a large lion tattoo. There are many types of lion and Leo tattoos. A lion’s face, a roaring lion or a full body lion, all tattoos represent a Leo’s personality. You can also place a crown in your tattoo as Lion is considered as the king of the jungle.

The Sun Tattoos

Leo is said to be ruled by Sun. Leo zodiac tattoos can be of the images of Sun. The rays of sun or a complete sun or a lion inside a Sun, all make good tattoos. Sun is considered to be the source of hope, happiness and light. People wear Sun tattoos to bring happiness in their lives.

The Fire Tattoos

Another theme that makes a tattoo is flames or fire. The element fire rules Leo and is strongly connected to it. Fire tattoos can look really beautiful and incredibly attractive. People make tattoos with flames across their arms, palms, shoulders, back and chest. Great tattoo designs are made by combining flames, into different themes and colors with other objects.

Leo Tattoos

You can go for the zodiacal sign Leo, which looks like a U shaped snake. People wear this tattoo by merging either with a lion or a sun or flames to make it more interesting. This zodiac Leo tattoo, gives a complete image of all things associated with Leo.

Leo Zodiac tattoos are worn on armbands, upper back and lower back, on ankles, shoulders and chest. You can get varied designs of these Leo Zodiac Tattoos by searching online. It is always advisable to make proper research before selecting the right Leo Zodiac tattoos, before picking up one for you.

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