Leo Tattoos

When you’re talking about zodiac signs, there is one sign that you have to remember to talk about: Leo.


Leo is the sign for the lion and is one that is known by almost everyone, even those who do not know all of the zodiac signs. Those who are in the house of Leo are supposed to be strong, creative individuals who are fairly stubborn – much like a lion itself is.

But how did the lion become a member of the zodiac, and why is it that people are looking for Leo tattoos?

Firstly something that is very unique is that there is not one perfect story about how the Leo constellation came to be in the stars. Most constellations have one story that tells about how they’re in the stars, but with Leo there are a few.

Some stories talk about how the lions in Egypt traveled to the banks of the Nile in the midsummer because it was too hot, and how the Egyptians worshiped the stars of Leo because those were the stars that were seen when the great river rose to its heights. Then there is the story about how Hercules, in Greek mythology, had to kill the Nemean Lion during his twelve labors, and that when he did the lion was put into the sky. And then there’s the story about how the god Bacchus, god of wine, was always associated with a lion and that is why he is in the stars.

However he came to be in the sky, it can be absolutely amazing to get Leo tattoos on your body. This is because you can either have the upside down U symbol that stands for Leo, or you can have a beautiful lion tattoos on you – both options are definitely good ones and can even be entertwined!

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