Lower Back Design

One of the most popular tattoo choices among young women is the lower back tattoo location. This is a very sexy, flattering choice, showing just a bit when a shirt tugs high, or blatantly displayed worn with a midriff shirt. The designs available would please any ones tastes. Floral, tribal, fairies, wording, and portraits to name some.

You’ll find many lower back tattoo designs online as well as on the walls or in the books of tattoo shops. There is usually a large selection of tattoo flash specifically designed to fit the lower back area.

You don’t have to feel you are limited to a set design you find on the wall of a tattoo shop. You can start with that design since it is specifically laid out to flatter the horizontal flow of the lower back. If your shop accommodates custom tattoos, which most do these days, you can get creative and add to the artwork to make it personalized and unique.

Once you come up with your idea, discuss it with your tattoo artist. It would help to have an image to start with. Sometimes it’s hard to translate in words what you are picturing in your imagination. Give the artist something to start with and go from there. If you have any artistic skills, layout a rough sketch. The artist does this for a living and is usually helpful in determining what design will be flatter and which designs will not, so heed their advice.

For a lower back tattoo you may have to spend long periods lying on your stomach or straddling a chair as your artist adds your tattoo. The area will be sore for 2-3 days and your pants would normally be rubbing and irritating the area. If possible, wear loose fitting clothes or sweat pants so the area doesn’t get irritated.

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