Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos

If you have craze to wear different tattoos on the different occasions, temporary tattoos are the best. The temporary tattoos are not the permanent tattoos and they remain on the body for a short duration of the time. The temporary tattoos can be removed by using the water. These tattoos have many advantages. The great advantage is that you can remove the tattoo whenever you want. There are many ways to make your own temporary tattoo.

I have listed some of the tips and methods that can be used to make your own temporary tattoo.

1. You can go for paper tattoos. This is the easiest way to do. Print the tattoo that you want to have on your body and apply the tattoo on your body.

2. Other method that you can use is using paint. Using the paint you can draw the tattoo that you wanted on the body

3. Last method is using the dyes. You can use natural skin dyes of henna. Jaguar can also be used for tattooing.

Out of above mentioned methods, the second and third method requires the painting and it must be free hand. The method second and third uses the stencils.

The first method is simple compare to other methods.

Methods to make your own temporary tattoo in details:
The method explained below is going to use printing technique. The printing technique is the best method to create a tattoo. This is the latest method. This method involves the followings:
A cute temporary tattoo on face.
First create an image that you want to have using the computer.

To crate an image, you need the followings:

1. A Computer,
2. An inkjet or a laser printer,
3. A scissors, and finally a temporary tattoo kit.

The tattoo kit must contain the water slide paper. I should also contain the adhesive sheet of paper. Setting the image is a very important step and you need to be careful.

The setting must be such that it should give the best tattoo.

Determine the number of images that you wanted first. Have an idea about how many images that you can print on the page. Select the size of the image. The image must fit on your body part. Before taking the color paint take a color less print out and try the image of the body and ensure whether it suits to your body or not. While taking the image take it as a mirrored image. If want to alter the size you can also alter the size. Take the print out on an ordinary paper and check whether the image has come in a good or not.

1. Always put the tattoo papers on the printers such that the glossy side must be up.

2. Dry the paper very well after you take the print. To dry the papers you can also use the hair dryer. Fashion Henna tattoo design on hand.

3. After this attach the adhesive sheet. Attach the adhesive sheet on the printed side.

4. Remove the air bubbles from the sheet

5. Cut the sheet using the scissors.

Thus you can make your own temporary tattoo.


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