Meanings of Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Apart from lotus flowers tattoo designs being amazing, they also have some firm symbolic ties to most Asian religions especially all over India. The lotus flower begins as a tiny flower in the muck and mud at the foot of the pond. It then grows up continuously to the water surface and moves following the light. Once the lotus has grown to the water surface, the lotus flower starts to blossom into a very beautiful flower.

Among the Buddhism and Hinduism the lotus flower tattoo designs have steadily turned out to be a symbol used to awaken the religious realism of life. Though the meaning differs slightly for these two religions; it is still a fact that both religious beliefs place much significance on this amazing flower.

Today the meaning of the lotus lower tattoo designs is tied around its meaning and religious symbolism. Many tattoo fans believe that the lotus flower tattoo generally represents life. Just like the lotus flower develops from the mud at the bottom of the pond and eventually into a great object of beauty, similarly people grow and hopefully change into something more attractive. Therefore, the symbol is a representation of life struggles at the most ordinary level.

Lotus flower tattoo designs are also commonly used by those people who have undergone hard times and are now recovering from it. Just like the lotus flower, they were in the muddy, dirty and yucky foot of the pond but have now risen to the surface to show a beautiful object or a life full of beauty. Therefore a blossom or lotus tattoo can also symbolize the hard times experienced in life and that have been overcome as well.

Peonies and lotus flower tattoo designs are the two flowers that are common among the Japanese tattoo designing artists and the lotus flower tattoo designs form a great match to the Koi fish tattoos. Ironically both the lotus flower and Koi fish can sometimes grow in the one and same pond at the front of the temple. However, the Koi fish is typically a symbol for individualism and strength.

Additions Made to the Lotus Flower Tattoo

In case you are considering getting a larger lotus flower tattoo, then it might be important for you to carefully make some additions to give the design some more details and complexities. However, it is important to choose additions that will stay with the design’s theme. Usually the additions that work extremely well are those that have water as the background element. Additionally, you can add carp or Koi fish to this design since lotus flowers are mostly found in koi ponds and are frequently seen growing together outside the temples all over Japan. You can as well add lily or vine to bring more complexities in to the tattoo design. Furthermore, you can add a few flowers such as cherry blossoms or peonies which can also work very well with the lotus flower tattoo designs and the theme.

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