Meanings of Stargazer Lily Tattoos

Normally, the stargazer lily tattoos are common on women, especially on areas like their feet, lower backs, shoulder blades, arms and necks. Equally, these designs are also used in making bracelet and ankle tattoos. Quite a number of women have gone a step further by inking these tattoos on their rib cages. Frequently, these lily tattoos are symbol of a certain western deity. The use of lilies as body art goes back to 1580 BC.

The Meaning of the Stargazer Lily Tattoos

Several cultures globally relate the stargazer lily tattoos with certain meanings. For instance, in the ancient Greece era, people used a lily flower to stand for sexuality. Additionally, the rose flower was used alongside the lily flower to determine whether the sex of a child carried by an expectant mother is male or female. On the other hand, the white lilies indicate desirable virtue and chastity. There are representations where Mother Mary holds a lily flower in her hands and which Various types of flower mixed into a tattoo design.are printed on some very old coins. The lily symbolized the purity of Mother Mary. Owing to the association that lilies have with Mother Mary, they have been strongly linked with Easter. Apart from symbolizing sheer innocence, the lilies also denote action and thought purity. Conversely, Egyptians integrate lilies in their culture to symbolize fertility. While lilies stand for abundance in Feng Shui or (Chinese Science of Architecture), the flowers were used by the Chinese as a lucky charm.

Whereas the pink stargazer lily tattoos signify enormous success and wealth, white ones are signs of purity and peace or at times the innocence of youths. Similarly, for several tattoo wearers, a white lily tattoo indicates purity and majesty because of the association the flower has with Mother Mary. Additionally, stargazer lily tattoos represent resurrection. Quite a number of women use these lily tattoos to represent their erotic love or procreation or at times their fertility.

On the other hand, some women decide to have these tattoos because they want people to be aware of their link with feminine deity. The meanings of these tattoos keep changing with time and now they are mostly associated with the sensuality of women. Presently, there is an increase on Pink lily flower tattoo design on arm back.the number of women and girls getting these tattoos.

Repeatedly, these tattoos have uncomplicated and colorful designs. However, there are a couple of imaginative individuals who have managed to come up with amazing patterns. To show more tattoo qualities, such people normally add muted colors to those tattoos (similar to the one in the image above).

A good example is that tattoo artists weave these flowers together to generate a heart or a Celtic knot. Using the lilies, the artists can make simple scroll work patterns. The other means through which artists can beautify these tattoos is by having flower bundles, either in grey, white, black or in all colors.

All in all, the stargazer lily tattoos solely rely on the tattooist’s and tattoo wearer’s creativity.

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