Meanings of Sun Tattoo Designs

Sun tattoo designs are gaining popularity with the sun becoming a timeless tattoo choice since tattoo lovers can choose to have modern or traditional designs illustrating the sun. There are various colors, designs and patterns available nowadays to pick from. Conversely, you can choose Celtic tattoos or tribal tattoos but this depends on your preference. Though the sun tattoo can be inked on any body part like the shoulder, chest, legs, arm, back etc, it will look hot if it is on the wearer’s belly button.

References about the sun can be found in all well known myths as well as lore in nearly all locations of the world. The sun has been considered and continues to be considered as sacred and became a worship symbol in the world especially, the ancient world. The symbolism and the role played by the sun differ depending on the culture. Thus, the motive behind getting sun tattoo designs varies and depends according to one’s belief, outlook and culture.

Meanings of Sun Tattoo

All the characteristics, energies and qualities that are linked with the sun are all symbolized by the sun tattoo designs. The tattoo wearer needs to be aware that the pattern and how the tattoo is made determine the symbolism represented by the sun tattoo. Sun tattoo designs can be monochromatic, simple, multicolored and even complex.

Some of the popular sun tattoos are as follows.

  • One important meaning of the sun tattoo is its stand for light and truth.
    The sun was previously believed as the cause for harvest and birth, thus it is regarded as a symbol of fertility.
  • The sun represents power, leadership, vitality, force and power.
  • Sun tattoo designs are a symbol of courage, dignity, self hood, knowledge and creativity.
  • Another essential sun tattoo design meaning is its representation of reincarnation or re-birth. The daily setting and rising of the sun symbolizes immortality.
  • Tribal sun tattoo designs having a human face within the sun are widely believed to offer protection from negative or dangerous aspects of daily life.
  • Though the sun is treated as being masculine, sun tattoo designs targeted at women can be created by combining the sun with the stars or moon in order to make it delicate or symbolize feminine features.
  • The style used for the Celtic sun is a symbol of fertility, source of life and healing. Thus, sun tattoo styles are used for depicting an individual’s healing and energizing powers.
  • The joining of the moon and sun tattoo is regarded as the spiritual and sexual union between the male and the female.
  • Most sun tattoo designs targeted at men usual portray an evil, flaming or angry sun that symbolizes fire and anger connected with the actual sun.
  • There are times when the sun tattoo designs are drawn to portray passion for anything or anyone in someone’s life.
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