Memorial Tattoos: What They Signify?

When one thinks of getting a devotional tattoo or memorial tattoo, one instinctively shies away from the concept. Why is this? Getting a devotional tattoo to celebrate a relationship is not that great an idea because tattoos are forever, whereas relationships might not be. How weird would it be to be sporting a tattoo of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend for the rest of your life?

Thankfully, there are plenty of other tattoo types that you can get to show or prove your love for your beloved. A good way to do this is to get a tattoo that integrates some of your partner interests, such as a specific quote, a favorite animal or flower, or even the name of a place that holds special significance for the two of you. You can ask your tattoo artist to come up with something of this sort. In fact, tattoo artists love such challenges!

However, if you’re just looking to have a name inked on your body, let it be that of a sibling, parent or child. Unfortunately, spouses or partners are not a very viable option these days, since life happens, so you really don’t want a lifetime of reminders on your body!

While devotional tattoos are for the living, memorial tattoos are for those who have already left this earth.

When we compare the two types of tattoos, two major differences glare:

1) Memorial tattoos are only for loves lost to death’s evil hands

2) Statistically, the number of people who change their mind for devotional tattoos is far greater than those who do so for memorial tattoos.

Although memorial tattoos can be designed in many forms, the most popular ones are of shrines with names on them, surrounded by flowers. Sometimes, the birth and death dates are encompassed within the shrine. Other symbols of death such as angels or doves are also popular, as is the concept of the single pure teardrop to denote the pain of loss. Here, the deceased person’s name can also be tattooed on the body, with an asterisk that denotes death beside it.

One of the best, albeit more expensive, alternatives of the memorial tattoo is to get one that is, in actuality, a real-life image of the deceased. However, not all tattoo artists can do this, and others who try may end up botching it up, which will cause a second bad memory. This type of memorial is for the elite class of tattoo artists, who have mastered the process.

People never tend to regret the memorial tattoo, because it serves to remind them of a person they once loved, and had no qualms with. Obviously, there are no disappointments or relationship breaks after death!

Memorial tattoos can also signify closed chapters in your life, such as divorce, career change, loss or death of a pet, or even an event. In the aftermath of September 11, there was a spike in the charts of the number of people who got tattoos to mourn their dead and honor their nation.

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