Military Tattoos

Military tattoos have been popular for many generations beginning way back when sailors picked up tattoos from other countries. The Navy anchor and nautical stars were two of the most popular tattoo designs and remain so even today.

The military was actually partly responsible for bringing the art form to our culture.

Veterans of World War II were part of the reason for the popularity of tattoos at that time. Many of these World War II designs depict a unit whose artwork has changed over the years or may no longer exist. This is one of the most interesting aspects of these older military tattoo designs.

Three of the most common military related images found throughout history and as well as modern-day images include the Eagle, the American flag, and the anchor. The anchor is worn by people who serve and who have served in the Navy, Army, Marines and Air Force.

A military tattoo not only symbolizes the sacrifices you made for your country it also is a patriotic tattoo that represents your love for your country. Military tattoos also symbolize the brotherhood amongst soldiers.

The category of military tattoos covers a range of types. Sometimes the military tattoos contain mottoes and logos that represent a certain branch of the military. Some military personal get a tattoo to represent a particular division that they served with.

One rule of thumb that should always be followed. Do not get a tattoo of a military division if you’ve never served in that division. It is considered an insult to the people that did serve for their country. For some individuals it is equivalent to lying about military service. It is also a good rule of thumb not to get a particular military tattoo only because you assume that you will be accepted into that branch and will eventually serve with that military group. There’s plenty of time to get a tattoo once you are in the service.

That’s another good reason for putting off getting any tattoo work. Do some research if you plan on joining up. Make sure you know the rules and regulations of the particular branch that you plan on joining. Rules and regulations have changed over the years with some branches have loosened up their attitude towards body art to encourage younger people to join the military while others have decided to tighten up their regulations. For instance, in 2010 the marines tightened up rules to its tattoo policy. The already prohibited head and neck ink and now they’ve expanded that to no tattoos on the fingers, wrists, hands, or inside the mouth. Make sure you are on top of the current policies.

Some individuals get Memorial tattoos that contain military insignia related to the person who passed away and that is considered acceptable as the intention is very clear. It is nice way to remember the person and also pays respect for their military service.

No longer is the selection available limited to old school Eagles and anchors. The range of styles have expanded and now anyone can request a custom tattoo design which can consist of traditional military symbols or a more modern design that still can convey the same meaning.

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