Most Creative Tribal Star Tattoo Designs

Among the most celebrated and common designs worn by countless people around the world are tribal star tattoo designs. These designs are particularly popular with those who have a fascination with stars and star gazing.

Maybe you have been considering looking into tribal star tattoo designs, if so then read on. Here are some suggestions for you to consider when looking at how to personalize the tribal star tattoo designs you find and make them your own.

If tribal star tattoo designs is your thing then you might want to think about the type of star to choose. The most popular type of star would have to be the five pointed star, also known as a pentagram. This pentagram is one of the more popular among all the tribal star tattoo designs. The five pointed star is however often misunderstood these modern times. While the pentagram has been around for thousands of years, it has only been recently this star has become associated with Satanism. I should point out that while some Satanists prefer the five star pentagrams, the difference is that they wear it in the upside down position.

The great thing is that you have many options of stars to choose from as you search for the perfect tribal star tattoo designs to suit you. For example, there are even various designs and styles among the tribal star tattoo designs that use a four pointed star. The four pointed star is a shape that is simpler but also has an air of elegance, which makes it still worthy to be considered as you search through all the tribal star tattoo designs out there.

There is yet another star option available when looking through the Tribal Star Tattoo Designs, it is called a pentacle. This star is also not without its share of controversy; the pentacle has been said by some to represent witchcraft. This hasn’t stopped many others from selecting this particular star when perusing through the Tribal Star Tattoo Designs.

Among the religious people of the world it is the six pointed star that gets the most attention. While you may not consider a religious symbol a part of the normal group of Tribal Star Tattoo designs, many do. The six pointed star is also called the Star of David by the religious.

There is even a seven pointed star that is supposed to be symbolic of one’s childhood. This star is often known as the ‘fairy star’. Finally, the eight pointed star could also be chosen as a favorite among the Tribal Star Tattoo Designs. This star is said to have been the emblem for the Knights of Malta, a religious group that existed during crusades of Middle East.

Whichever of the many Tribal Star Tattoo Designs you choose, make sure you consider the meaning.


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