Most Popular Angel and Fairy Tattoos

Angel and fairy tattoos are a favorite with women from all over the world, who love the daintiness and charm of these fantastic tattoos. Some men also tend to have them, but these tattoos mean a lot to the women population mostly! With all the hype surrounding angel and fairy tattoos, one has to wonder about their popularity among the fairer sex and what they stand for.

At a fundamental level, we can argue that angel and fairy tattoos look very beautiful on women. Men tend to pick bigger and heavier tattoo designs, which do not do a lot for a woman’s personality; however, angel and fairy tattoos will always do the trick! A small angel tattoo on your shoulder becomes just as pretty and eye-catching as a large fairy tattoo on your lower back. This is one of the biggest charms of this type of tattoo: its ability to please the eye!

Whilst both angel and fairy tattoos are popular for their appeal, there is a more significant reason why women choose to get them.

Let’s have a look at angel tattoos to start off with. Angel tattoos may have different interpretations for different folks, but generally, having an angel tattooed on your body is significant in that you may have a subconscious belief about your guardian angel, who is ever-present to protect and cherish you.

Also, angels are looked at as a link between people and God, so having an angel tattoo can also be perceived to be a religious choice. Since many religions have a belief in angels, the attraction of angel tattoos has grown across cultures and religions all over the world.

When loved ones die, we liken them to angels, who are said to represent death as well as life. One way to remember a love lost is to have an angel tattoo, which can signify that those that have gone are still with you in spirit.

Having looked at the symbolism behind the angel tattoos, let us now see the deeper meaning behind fairy tattoos. Fairies are said to be gentle and delicate creatures with a lot of powers, which is one reason as to why fairy tattoos are so popular with the ladies! Fairy tattoos also serve as a reminder of happy times, of being a little girl and frolicking in the woods and dreaming of fairies. Thus, many women try to recapture their childhood with tattoos of fairies!

Fairies are warm, happy, friendly and beautiful creatures. Many women liken their own traits and personalities to those of fairies, which is another major reason as to why fairy tattoos are so popular with women! Fairies are also known to be impish, another quality they share with a lot of women! Hence, having a fairy tattoo is a sign not only of the sweet traits women have, but also the naughty ones!

Wherever you see an angel tattoo or a fairy tattoo, look at it, and then look at the woman who wears it, and judge for yourself! All in all, angel and fairy tattoos do have a lot going for them: beauty, personality, and character!

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