Most Popular Tattoo Lettering Styles

Having tattoos is not just about flaunting a stylish art of the body or just a way of getting attention. It has all to do with getting a means in which you can express beliefs, experiences and ideas that are dear to one’s heart. Many famous celebrities and names express themselves by using images and letterings in the art of tattoo. The following are the most popular tattoo lettering styles, which grace the bodies of many popular names presently and how one can be able to get them from the comfort of their home.

Latin Letterings

The Latin language is considered by many people among the beautiful languages found worldwide. The lovers of tattoos globally use Latin words for decorating their bodies so as to express themselves exotically. David Beckham, a soccer star had inked the Latin phrase “Ut Amem Et Foveam” in his skin, which when translated in English means “So that I love and cherish”. I have the feeling that this type of sentimental phrase fits the beauty that is found in Latin Language. It would have had an indifferent effect had the tattoo been engraved with other tattoo lettering styles.

Arabic letterings

The Arabic letters have the potential to become great tattoo ideas especially because they spark a specific type of an exotic quality thus they are an important inclusion to the common tattoo lettering styles. Many famous people have a permanent Arabic lettering tattoo. For instance, Zlatan Ibrahimovic who was mentioned earlier graces a tattoo bearing his last name but stamped in the Arabic script. Even Brad Pitt, a famous Hollywood actor has a tattoo with Arabic characters inked on his lower back.

Kanji Letterings

The Kanji symbols of the Japanese are full of style and expression making them be in great demand and have a permanent embellishment on most of the celebrities such as Dave Batista who is a renowned WWE professional wrestler and the famous American singer called Pink.

Chinese Letterings

The Popular folks who have tattoos scripted in Chinese on their bodies include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Tyrese Gibson and Kiefer Sutherland. The letterings in Chinese are preferred by most people who are enthusiastic about tattoos because of the fact that they have a cool look, are expressive and creative. No one can deny that the Chinese characters are very popular and this will not change for a long time to come.

Ge tting hold of the great and unique looking designs to match the lettering styles mentioned above can prove to be a trudging experience that is painful. I would recommend that you search for tattoo lettering styles through online databases rather than the traditional websites and shops for tattoos, which offer the cookie cutter types of designs.

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