Music Tattoos

There’s a reason why so many music lovers have music tattoos: because it’s another way to express your love of sound.

Both music and tattooing fall under the “artistic” genre of life, and masters of either type of art tend to have strong feelings about their profession, or obsession, and tend to like to love to express themselves in one way or another. A great way for musicians or music lovers to express their love of audio is through music tattoos.

One thing to remember about music tattoos is that unlike many other types of tattoos, such as bird tattoos or fairy tattoos, there’s no set type of music tattoo.

You could simply have a clef and some musical notes, you could have an instrument tattooed on you, or you could have your favorite artist tattooed on you. Some people choose simply to have meaningful lyrics tattooed on them with music notes or a scale around it.

That is the beauty of music tattoos: you don’t have to conform to any type of mold. You can have your tattoo look however you want it to look, allowing you to truly express yourself.

If you’re thinking of getting a music tattoo, take some time to look at the many different music tattoos that you can find online.

These images will give you some idea of what options you have available to you. If you find that you like guitar tattoos, for instance, start looking at all of the different styles of guitar tattoos, from the classic realistic style to the more recent tribal styles.

One tip: avoid getting anything too generic. While a clef and music notes are a good way to show a general love of music, if you’re truly hard-core about something, no matter whether it’s an artist, a type of music, or a particular instrument, showcase that in your music tattoo.

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