Myth of Phoenix Bird Tattoo Art

Phoenix bird tattoo art represents the mythological bird which was normally found in countries like Egypt, China, and Greece. The Phoenix gets the name from Greek culture where the word “red” has been extracted which is used for the color of fire.

It is also believed that the phoenix lived for more than 500 years and it could fly to great lengths. The phoenix has become a symbol of immortal life and rebirth.

The phoenix tattoos have made a great influence and they do have a deep meaning in the lives of the people. Some people get the phoenix tattoo art done in order to keep the history of the bird alive, they usually get a tattoo of fire or herbs.

This art has different meanings in different cultures. The phoenix represents the grace and virtue according to the Chinese and according to North American Indians the phoenix is a fire thunder bird from whose beak lighting is said to flash.Flaming blue phoenix flying across the sky.

According to the Christians the phoenix is resurrection of the Christ and for the Japanese it is a symbol of justice and fidelity.

In the past it was not just used to represent as a tattoo but the Romans used it on the coins, which ensured in the existence of their Empire.

The phoenix tattoo art normally represents the feminine qualities where each part of the body defines a specific meaning. Goodness, kindness is some of the known aspects of the phoenix.

Place of a phoenix bird tattoo art:

  • Upper back
  • Lower back
  • Arm
  • Full back
  • Chest
  • Ankles
  • Full sleeve tattoo

Meanings of the tattoo keep varying from person to person and also in value. The phoenix tattoo designs normally vary on the focus. The phoenix has also been depicted as the bird with healing powers. The popularity has increased amongst the youngsters such that they get a personalized tattoo on their bodies. The phoenix tattoo art have definite symbolic meaning and significance.

While getting a tattoo done make sure about the design, the co-ordination and the colors so that the tattoo is pleasing to look at and also it will be for a long time, also make sure that it does not look awkward or out of place.

Phoenix bird tattoos can be combined with other designs like flowers, hearts, skulls etc. Normally these tattoos contains reds, yellow and oranges since it represents ‘fire’ but to give a unique look some use different shades such as blue, purple and tones of gold and copper.

The tattoo galleries can be found online or offline but always choose the right place to get it done. The price does vary from place and also depends on the type of design.

The phoenix tattoo design is an expression of a new life beginning; it makes sense by making a powerful statement.

The reason why many people get attracted to phoenix tattoo art is very simple as they like the mythology of the bird.

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