Native American Symbols – Dreamcatcher Tattoos

The whole generation of youngsters world-wide have been profoundly influenced by the symbol and image of the Native American symbol of the Dreamcatcher Tattoos. Body art enthusiasts view the Dreamcatcher tattoos as one of the prized symbols of the Native American symbols, when it comes to picking a symbol or image that has profound meaning and significance. It is a powerful talisman of protection against any evil or harm.

The Native American people have been weaving wearing this symbol for millennia now. The Native American symbol of the Dreamcatchers tattoo design was often woven into small hoops made of willow and hung over the cradles of Native American children. The web-like design of the dreamcatchers symbol was thought to ward of any evil lurking around the little child, and passed down sweet protected sleep to the slumbering infant.

Another legend regarding the Native American symbol of the Dreamcatcher’s Tattoo design states that a spider, who was actually the great teacher of wisdom, spoke to the spiritual leader of the Lakota tribes, about the secrets of the life cycle of the human. While speaking the wise one (the spider) spun a perfect web across the spiritual’s leaders hoop made of willow. The perfect circle of the woven web came to symbolize the holder of good times, and the whole at the center allowed bad times to pass through. This is how Dreamcatcher’s tattoo design came to be hung above the sleeping abodes of people – to catch the good dreams and chase away the evil ones through the hole in its center.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, this kind of tattoo design started becoming very popular due to the mystical legends and history behind the image. In recent years, this symbol has become a permanent fixture to represent the New Age movement. To some people the Native American symbol of the Dreamcatcher’s tattoo is a manner of paying homage to the original inhabitants of America. To some others, it is a trendy representation of contemporary art. To some others, this is a mystical symbol and getting it permanently inked on their bodies will protect them from harm, evil and bad times.

Once you have decided that the symbolism and meaning of this tattoo design appeals to you, you will need to decide where to sport it. For men, the popular choice is an arm tattoo, and for women it is recommended as a small shoulder design.

It is important to be culturally sensitive while sporting the Native American symbol of the Dreamcatcher’s tattoo, since it is a sacred symbol to its people.

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