Nautical Star Tattoo Black and Red

Nautical star tattoos are one of the most popular designs found today and has been a popular choice since the early days when sailors were one of the few groups getting inked. Sailors were very familiar with the constellations and counted on using the stars to determine their location and navigate their ship.

The nautical star tattoo was very commonly seen on sailors and military personnel.

Sailors believed that stars were responsible for leading them back home to their families. They respected the stars. Being a sailor meant months and possibly years away from home. It was a dangerous and lonely existence. Months at sea seemed to accentuate stories, superstition, and myths.

The nautical star is also an Irish symbol for good health. It was first brought into practice by the Pagans that inhabited Ireland in the 1700′s. The Nautical star can still be found hanging in any pagan based hospital.

Girl with Nautical Star Tattoos on ArmNautical star tattoos are also popular with the military. It represents guidance and protection from danger. The meaning has not changed through the years. It can also mean a guided safe journey through life.

Other variations of the meanings behind the star shape – a star pointing in an upward direction means that the person has a higher outlook on life, high ambition and goals. Pointing to success in life and endeavors.

Stars are one of the first universal symbols to be found in all parts of the world. Similar to the moon and sun symbols.

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