Old School Eagle with Banner Tattoo

Eagle tattoo designs are a popular choice for individuals who served in the armed forces and as police officers and firefighters.

Eagle imagery has been a prominent icon throughout our history as well as the history of other countries. Is is often seen in flags and patriotic emblems. In ancient Greece, the eagle was associated with the Sun God. In Norse mythology the eagle represented wisdom and was associated with the god Odin. Due to its popularity with the military, the eagle tattoo was also one of the most popular designs decades ago. You will see eagles on any of the old school flash.

In our own country, the eagle is the symbol of our nation. We associate the eagle with freedom. This is why it is a symbol of patriotism and is integrated in many military tattoos. Some of the more modern tattoo pieces depict an eagle in a red, white and blue coloring which makes for a striking non-traditional tattoo and leaves no doubt how important your country is to the individual.

The eagle is also associated with Harley Davidson and bikers in general. So, eagle tattoos are popular with people that like to ride. The freedom of the road is characterized with the eagle.

The eagle is deeply revered by the Native American culture and religion. Their feathers were worn for adornment and as a sign of pride or friendship. Eagle designs are prominent in tribal logos and symbols. The eagle is considered sacred within their culture and religion. To Native Americans the eagle represents wisdom, freedom, strength, and honesty.

As a Tattoo Design

The eagle design is very adaptable to a tattoo design. It can fit on most parts of the body due to its various postures. For instance, the eagle in flight with a straight-on angle makes a beautiful design for a tattoo on the upper chest or back area. The wings can span the width of the back or chest making for a striking placement. For smaller tattoos some people just prefer to keep the head or head and chest area of the eagle which also works well with its striking pose and piercing eyes. The eagle’s feathers and talons make for an interesting tattoo.

Eagles do well as a stand-alone tattoo but also work well when accompanied by banners. People like to use patriotic phrases along with the eagle tattoo. Some of the examples you are likely to see on these banners include “freedom”, “honor”, “liberty”, and “strength”.

Eagle tattoos work well whether they are done in full-blown color or black and gray shading. Some preferred the image of the eagle as part of an overall scene to be included more of a background item rather than the prominent subject of the tattoo.

No matter how an eagle is incorporated into the tattoo, it’s image will be noticed.

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