Old School Tattoos

Tattoos are actually a form of dermal pigmentation where a design is imprinted in the skin by inserting a pigment into the skin. Tattoos are made on both animals and humans; it is used in animals for identification purposes while it is made on humans as a form of body modification and a form of identification of a person.

There are different types of tattoos available for you to choose from if and when you decide to have a tattoo inscribed on your body. There is a form of tattoos, called old school tattoos which are basically art that was tattooed in the earlier days of body art. On looking at old school tattoos, you find that they are usually simpler designs, and have bold outlines.

The most popular old school tattoo designs are the nautical and arm force symbols, hearts, pictures of calendar girls and other designs which usually have ribbons surrounding some special date, name or motto.

Though old school tattoos were not much in vogue for quite some time, they are very much back in vogue now. There was a time when swallow tattoos and anchor tattoos were worn only by bikers; but today they are also a very much favored choice amongst women. The main reason for this revival in old school tattoos is the revival in the style of the 1950s. In fact, the top fashion designers are today looking for the 50s retro look.

Not only are the women interested in old school tattoos, men too are very much into old school tattoos. There are many men having anchor tattoos and pinup tattoos on their forearms. The old school tattoo is done mainly with black ink, and little of any other color. This is the style of yesterday as then there were not many colors to be used in tattoos.

However with the advent of new and different colors being used in tattoos, it is possible for you to use your own imagination and design your own old school tattoo with your own colors. if you find that the old school tattoos of a swallow or skull is too much for you, you could decide and choose some other tattoo like a star tattoo, moon star tattoo or a nautical star tattoo.

The star tattoo is a great first tattoo for you to choose if you are having your first tattoo. This is because the star tattoo is a natural tattoo, with no particular meaning. It is important that when you choose a tattoo wish a particular meaning, the same tattoo may look meaningless in a few years’ time. So the star tattoo will be a safe tattoo.

Whichever old school tattoo that you choose to wear, decide on the tattoo design after doing some research. This is because the tattoo is something permanent that will be with you all your life. Choose a good tattoo parlor that exercises hygienic and sanitary methods when drawing your tattoo to avoid infections and complications in the old school tattoo.

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