Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique as a means of adding eye lining and other permanent colors to the face, lips and eyelids to imitate makeup with permanent ink. The art has grown beyond this use to be used for areola re-pigmentation after reconstructive surgery providing more natural looking breasts to cancer survivors and women or men that have undergone breast augmentation.

Other names used to refer to cosmetic surgery are derma pigmentation, micro pigmentation, and permanent cosmetics. Most states have strict laws for shop owners to adhere to as well as strict control of the pigments in the inks used. The inks are considered cosmetic related and they are subject to FDA regulation.

Before taking the step to get permanent makeup, you should educate yourself to the complications involved in removing the tattooing at a later time. As with other tattooing, cosmetic tattooing may take several sessions and will be costly.

Immediately after the procedure the look is harsh as with regular tattoos. Colors are brighter. It doesn’t take long for the new look to fade to a normal intensity but it’s one of the aspects people should be aware of.

Cosmetic tattooing has been the answer for women who have reactions to regular makeup or women who are looking to save time in their daily routine. Other women choose permanent makeup due to limited physical capabilities that prevent them from applying makeup.

Besides enhancing beauty and features, tattoos are also applied to camouflage scar tissue. Some clients prefer to beautify their scarring by adding tattoo artwork instead of covering up the scar.

If you are contemplating getting the procedure, be aware of the negatives as well as the benefits. Research the artist before settling on a shop. Ask around and get some recommendations from people in your area. Tattoo removal is more difficult on the face or near the eye area than it is on other more traditional locations.

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