Pin Up Girl Tattoo Flash

The modern pin up girl tattoo flash is an old school but beautiful tattoo design that is medium, very colorful and sometimes large designs that pop out. This design is very sexy but in an old school way and looks great on both women and men.

The modern pin up tattoo design has helped in developing a new culture movement, which proves that attractive women can wear very catchy ink to decorate their bodies. This new type of pin up tattoo design is decorated with new school and traditional tattoos. The new school tattoos include international pin-ups of Bernie Dexter and Sabina Kelley who are both models and have captured the interest of many fans. Their colorful, bright tattoos combined with really hot red lips and rockabilly hairstyles can make the traffic stop.

The rise in interest and intrigue in rockabilly, pin up and tattoo art tradition has been made popular by shows such as LA Ink.

Pin up girl tattoo flash can be dated back to the early 1920s but most of the productive pin up movements took place around 1940s and 1950s. Among the very first was Betty Grable where her original iconic bathing suits photo made her the top pin up during the Second World War period. This also made her image be rated among the 100 Photographs that changed the World by Life Magazine.

The way the modern society has taken on the traditional pin up tattoo is a confirmation that the old design and the new one can be merged to create a revived culture with firmly intact roots. Pin up girl tattoo flash today represent feminine power, creativity and independence with some sass and toughness. The tattoo shows that she is a doctor, business executive, a lawyer, a housewife, a nurse, roller derby girl, a mother among others. She is probably living next to you.

Pin up tattoos come in different styles and the following are among the common types:

1. Straight Up and Down

This style is known as straight up and down because it is simply a design of a girl who is A pin up girl taking a photo with old fashion camera.standing straight, in most cases on tip toes or high heels with her back facing ahead and turning her head. This is mostly used for the calves and forearms.

2. Curvy Pin Up Girl Tattoos

Curvy pin ups are more shaped and sometimes the hands will be clenched behind your head and arms raised while your body curves. There are times when the girl is kneeling. In most cases, the design involves a twist or pronunciation of some body parts such as breasts and hips. Such designs look great on the back, shoulders and upper arms.

3. Legs and More Legs

Involves a girl who is lying or seating down either kicking high or at times she will be crossing her legs while seated. This design comes with many other variations, but in all cases the tattoo emphasizes the legs. This type of tattoo is best suited for the thigh areas, upper chest and upper arms. This is among my favorite pin up girl tattoo flash because it emphasizes the legs.

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